The Aragon Family

Hi there.

I’m an attorney and amateur photographer based in Miami, Florida. I discovered my passion for photography in high school, and began to take it seriously during my freshman year at Florida International University. I studied film photography and art history, and eventually completed my Bachelor’s Degree with a minor in Photography.

I went on to study law at the Florida International University College of Law, and was admitted to the Florida Bar in 2014. Through law school, and now as a practicing attorney, photography has continued to be an integral part of my life and I do my best to shoot constantly. Sometimes I’m very active with my photography, sometimes it takes a backseat to my many other responsibilities – but I don’t imagine I will ever not own at least one camera.

I’m very lucky to share my days with my lovely wife, Mary, and our two children, Amelia and Ansel.

Thanks for visiting.